Beaufort County Schools

Every Student, Every Class, Every Day


    To promote lifelong learning and achievement through support services for students, parents, and staff.

    The Beaufort County Schools Student Services department offers support to students, staff, and parents aimed at creating positive emotional climates which help students maximize their potential in the educational setting. An array of professional services and programs are offered through the following areas: Healthful Living, Safe and Caring Schools, School Counseling, School Nurses and School Social Work.



    The Student Services department provides support to schools through: a) Student Services personnel assigned to schools, b) school-based Student Services teams, and c) initiatives, programs, activities, and services designed to assist schools in their support of student achievement and well being. The success of Student Services is dependent upon collaborative participation and communication between all stakeholders; this includes the student, school personnel, parents/guardians, and community partners.  The work of Student Services is not academically content specific. However, services are designed with an individual student’s needs or a broader targeted area of concern as the focus. They may be implemented across curricular areas and they may address issues that are not “academic” in nature but negatively impact the student or school in some way.


    At each school, the Student Services Team coordinates and integrates the work of the Student Services personnel within the school. It also includes representatives from various aspects of the school and community in an attempt to target, plan, and implement services that are successful. It serves to prevent potential problems from developing into crises and to intervene in specific cases referenced by teachers, other staff, or parents. Members of the Student Services Team include teachers, student services staff, and an administrator who serves as chairperson. Members may volunteer or be selected by the principal or faculty. The Student Services Committee accesses and coordinates the following support services at the school level:

    • Character Education
    • Counseling Services
    • Dropout Prevention Services   
    • Section 504/American Disabilities Act
    • Social Work Services
    • School Nurses
    • Bright Futures
    • Pamlico Pals
    • Horizons/Teen Court
    • Stuff the Bus
    • Backpack Pals


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