Teaching Assistants

  • We highly value our teacher assistants here at Eastern Elementary. Each Pre-Kindergarten Classroom and Exceptional Children's classroom has a 1:1 ratio, each Kindergarten team has a 3:4 ratio, and each First Grade team has a 2:4 ratio. The following are our teacher assistant teams.

    Team One: Kathleen Flowers

    Team Two: 

    Team Three: Teresa Williams

                         Earline Windley-Coggins

    Team Four: Caroline Drake

                       Michele Peele

                       Leslie Speros

                       Patricia Tyson

    Team Six: Sheanita Brown

                     Melissa Rivenbark

                      Jessica Johnson

                     Sandra Smith

    Team Seven: Crystal Price

                          April Stillings 

                          Donna Jackson

                          Alicia Worsely

    Team Eight: Molly Coggins

                        Marie Hogans

                        Amber Gaskins

                        Laurinda Smith

    Team Nine: Sandra Askew

                       Melissa Carpenter

                       Stacey Oden

                       LaQuisha Moore  

    Team Ten: Nikki Jennette

                     Tina Pinkham