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  • We all have dreams of going places, but many times find reasons that we can not.  Why not take a trip with a book?  Books are a great way to stretch your mind, learn something new, or just pass the time.  Have fun with reading, if you don't have the time for a whole book, what about a magazine, or even the newspaper?    

    If you have read a book that you think others would enjoy and we do not have it in our collection please fill out this form to let us know.  This form requires a BCS google account log-in.  


    Washington High has some reference series that are unique to our school. They should be helpful with many of the research topics assigned during each English Level Research paper that is assigned. Remember that reference books are only available for overnight checkout.

    These collections are in addition to the normal reference selection.

    • American Writers
    • British Writers
    • The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine
    • Nursing and Allied Health
    • Contemporary Authors 1-205
    • Contemporary Literary Criticism 1-165
    • Authors and Artist for Young Adults
    • Current Biography Yearbook 1940-2006


    General Information

    • Up to 4 books may be checked out.
    • Fiction, Short Story Collection, and Nonfiction books are to be returned in 10 school days.
    • Reference books are to be returned the next day, or on Monday if checkout on Friday.
    • Up to 2 References books.
    • References can only be checked out after school or during 4th period.
    • Each student is allowed 4 free sheets from printer or photocopier, and additional sheets cost 10¢ each. Students can make color prints for 25¢ a page, there are no free color prints.
    • The photocopier should be used to make up to 10 copies. Larger amounts of copies should go over to the office photocopier.

    Loan Periods for Students

    • Books, general collection – 2 weeks
    • Reference books - overnight
    • Magazine – overnight
    • Newspapers – in-library use
    • If you have an overdue charge, you can not check out materials. Overdue notices are sent to homeroom teachers.

    Loan Periods for Teachers

    • Books - Keep as needed
    • Reference books – limited use
    • Videos, magazines, audiobooks – overnight or limited use
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    What Should I Read Next
    Having trouble deciding what to read next?  Follow this link to and enter in a favorite author or book title and get a list of books that might pique your interest

    Citation Machine
    Don't forget to always cite your sources. The citation machine is a good starting point for getting your citation set up. However, don't forget citation machine is a computer and computers are not always correct so check the citation for yourself before using it

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