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Digital Learning Dashboard Parent Survey

The Digital Learning Dashboard that was in the added 2022-2023 school year to fulfill session law "§ 115C-102.9 calling for the collection and reporting of data regarding all students' access to digital devices and internet access at home.

An optional Parent Survey is in the student information system Parent Portal to help gather this information. If PSUs and schools use the Parent Survey in the student information system they will NOT need to complete the Digital Learning Dashboard section on the school DLMI. The data will be automatically imported into the school DLMI from PowerSchool.

PowerSchool Administrators can consult this QRD for PowerSchool Administrators for information relating to the Parent Survey in the Student Information System.

SIS Upload of School Digital Learning Dashboard Data (601-608)

If your PSU utilizes the Parent Survey in the student information system to collect this data, the data entered by families or PowerSchool Administrators for students will be automatically imported. Therefore, you do NOT need to complete items 601-608.

Survey HERE