• Established in 1990, the Beaufort County Schools Education Foundation proudly supports educational excellence through a granting process that rewards innovation and creativity that goes beyond the scope of the regular classroom. Operating independently of school administration, the Foundation represents a partnership between the community and our local educators as we join together to provide the children of Beaufort County with the quality education that ultimately benefits us all. The Foundation invites you to join numerous churches, businesses, civic groups, and individuals as a Partner in Education.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Education Foundation is to promote educational excellence through innovation and creativity which goes beyond the scope of the regular classroom program. The Foundation will accomplish this by providing funds, opportunities, programs, and incentives directly to the teachers in the system.

    What is a PIE Grant?

    PIE stands for “Partner in Education."  PIE grants allow teacher's the opportunity to enhance the educational experience for their students through funds raised and donated to the Foundation.
    How are funds distributed?

    Educators county-wide submit grant proposals that are evaluated for creativity and innovation through a blind review process by Foundation board members.