Bus & Transportation

  • General Information

    Beaufort County Schools Transportation Department provides bus transportation to all eligible students residing within their home school district who live one-and-a-half miles or more from school and to students with identified special needs. The system's transportation department is committed to providing these students with safe, efficient and reliable transportation service that contributes to their overall academic success.
    Every day, over 100 buses transport more than 5,000 students in Beaufort County, covering more than 1.3 million miles a year. Safety is our number one priority on these school buses and a group effort. Thanks to Beaufort County's students, parents, teachers, school administrators, drivers and transportation staff, there have been no instances of school bus occupant fatalities during Beaufort County Schools' history.

    School Bus Transportation

    Bus Stops. The Beaufort County Board of Education subscribes to state statutes and guidelines regarding the location of bus stops. As assigned by the Superintendent, transportation personnel shall implement this strategy in cooperation with the appropriate administrative authority at the local school.
    Bus stops should be spaced AT LEAST two-tenths of a mile apart.
    Buses are routed on state-maintained roads only.
    Buses are generally prohibited from traveling into cul-de-sacs.
    Whenever possible, community stops are utilized.
    Temporary Bus Stops. Temporary bus assignments requiring a student's re-assignment to a different bus or a new "one time only assignment" shall not be permitted except in cases of genuine emergency.
    Stops at Commercial Addresses. Passenger stops at commercial/business addresses are not authorized.
    Bus Routes. Beaufort County Schools provides bus transportation to students living more than one-and-a-half miles from school and also to students with special needs.
    Bus transportation is not provided to pupils who live outside Beaufort County.
    Students who are assigned outside their geographical area because of their request for a transfer are not guaranteed transportation.
    Students living within the stated limits of No Transport Zones (1.5 miles from the school) are not allowed to ride a school bus unless factors are present which would endanger the safety of students walking to school.
    If roads and other conditions permit, the buses shall be so routed that a bus will pass within one mile of the residence of each student.
    The bus coordinator of each school assigns students to ride specific buses according to state guidelines and within load limits listed below. Band instruments, projects, and other objects cannot take up student seating space or block the aisle.
    If you have questions regarding your child's bus route/stop that are not addressed here, please contact the school