• Recycle Procedures for Equipment
    1. Once equipment has been validated as recyclable, we will contact the Recycle Contractor to schedule a pick-up at the school site.
    2. Pickups will be held only twice a year with a minimum of 26 items. Larger schools will have scheduled pickups more often if deemed necessary.
    3. It is the school's responsibility to keep equipment at the location for pickup. All items should be in one room/location.
    4. Computers have to be listed separately by serial number for fixed assets.
    5. Keyboarders, mice, parts, etc. have to be boxed separately from other equipment. List this under Misc with the number of boxes.
    6. If you need to add additional equipment before your scheduled pickup, please make sure you update the recycling form.
    7. The Technology Facilitator will need to update their school inventory marking those items recycled and including the date of disposal.

    If you have questions, please contact Crystal Moore 252-946-4086.