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    Account Information - Employee access to the BCS network requires the employee to sign an Acceptable Use Policy with the Human Resources Department. Once that is complete, an Active Directory account is created by the Technology Department, as well as Office 365 and Google Apps accounts. An Account Activation notice will be sent to the employee or to the employee's primary work location, with login and password information. When an employee leaves the employment of BCS, the accounts will be deleted. If the user is an owner of any cloud share drives they will be transferred to the school administrator. 

    Hardware Standards - Beaufort County Schools has adopted a standard for the purchase of all computers, printers and most technology devices purchased by any funds, and for all equipment attached to the network. For the latest computer configuration standard, please see the the Technology Facilitator at your school, who can obtain a quote from the Technology Department.

    Internet Filtering - The Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires that any system receiving e-rate reimbursement for telecommunication services must have an Internet Filter. Users are required to login to zScaler in order to access most websites. Use your BCS email address and password when prompted for that login.

    Network Information - Each school is equipped to provide Network and Internet Services to students and staff. In order to access these resources, each user must login using the appropriate User Name and Password. Each Staff Member and Teacher is assigned a User Name by the Central Services Technology Department, upon receipt of an application. You will be prompted for a password when logging in. Use the temporary password assigned by the Technology Department. After clicking on "OK", you will be prompted to create a new password. Passwords MUST NOT be shared with other users and MUST NOT be written down. Passwords that are breached will be reset immediately.

    Password Restrictions & Strength for Devices, Office 365 and Google Apps

    • 8 characters minimum and 16 characters maximum
    • Values Allowed: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ! @ # $ % ^ & * - _ + = [ ] { } | \\\\: ‘ , . ? / ` ~ “ < > ( ) ;
    • Password cannot contain the username alias (part before @ symbol) or part of user's name
    • Passwords require 3 out of 4 of the following: Lowercase characters, Uppercase characters, Numbers (0-9) Symbols (See Above)
    • Passwords may not be reused until after a cycle of 6 changes.
    • Whenever you change your Windows computer password, that new password will automatically sync to Office 365 and Google Apps.

    Requests for Repairs - Requests for computer related repairs should be directed to your building Technology Facilitator. If possible, the Technology Facilitator will resolve the problem on site, or determine if the repair is financially feasible. If more assistance is required, the Technology Facilitator will submit a service request to the Central Services Technology Department. To reduce time required for troubleshooting a computer, an image of the computer’s original configuration and software may be restored to resolve technical problems. It is important that all data saved on the local device be saved to the cloud.