• High school students, now is the time to consider your future in higher education! Use CFNC's guideline as a checklist to make sure you take the steps you need to make a brighter and better future.

    CFNC High School Timeline

    High School Timeline

  • Applying to College

    Step 1: Residency Determination Service: This determines your family's ability to utilize in-state tuition--upon completion, an RDS number will be generated. Keep up with this number--you'll have to use it again. You'll need your parents' information to complete this. https://ncresidency.cfnc.org/residencyInfo/

    Step 2: FAFSA -  Free Application for Financial Aid--this determines your family's monetary ability to contribute to college expenses--most colleges require students to complete this, whether you use loans/grants or not. This requires your parent's tax information to complete--you can save and come back to it if you need. https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

    Step 3: CFNC and NC Countdown to College/College Application Week (scheduled in October of every year).  College Application Week is important because many NC colleges will waive their application fee for this week only. We will provide more information regarding Countdown to College and College Application Week at the beginning of each school year. Students will need their CFNC username and password to log in. College: How to Get There From Here