Math Club

  • The Math Club meets on Thursday afternoons for practice. They work through numerous math problems in preparation for the Math Club competition. The Math Club competition this year was sponsored by MHA Works in Greenville, NC. The competition took place on Saturday, March 18th. There was a great turnout from multiple schools in the Beaufort County Schools.

    Team Awards - 5th Grade
    1st Place-Mathematical Geniuses, JSS
    2nd Place-Geometry Dash, JSS

    Individual Awards - 5th Grade
    1st Place-Carlos Garcia Hernandez, JSS
    2nd Place-Louie Martinez, JSS
    3rd Place-Davis Jones, JSS

    Team Awards - 4th Grade
    1st Place-CPS Geniuses, CPS
    2nd Place-Mystical Math Magicians, BES
    3rd Place-Blackbeard's Crew, BES

    Individual Awards - 4th Grade
    1st Place-Conner Bowen, BES *Perfect Score*
    2nd Place-Mariah Hux, BES
    3rd Place-Rachel Fox, CPS

    Team Awards - 3rd Grade
    1st Place-Number Munchers, JCT
    2nd Place-Number Crunchers, BES
    3rd Place-CPS Braves, CPS

    Individual Awards - 3rd Grade
    1st Place-Tyson George, BES
    2nd Place-Emily Mauser, CPS
    3rd Place-McKinney Waters, BES