Degrees and Certifications:

Melissa Boyd

I am an alumni of Northside High School, having graduated in the class of 1995.  It has been my honor to return to Northside to teach, where I find myself currently in my 7th year.  I have multiple degrees in Education and History and currently teach World History and Journalism.  One of my greatest passions is Civics, which I plan to return to teaching next year when it returns as a senior class.

I am a college graduate of both Beaufort County Community College as well as East Carolina University. 

I also participate with our athletics department, in football, volleyball, basketball and softball.

It is my greatest desire to see both the success of Northside High School and its student body. 

Students and parents can feel free to contact me by email through the school.

  • Journalism I is open to all students, freshmen through senior year.  Upon taking this course, you will be required to participate in both writing articles in class as well as gathering content to help create the school yearbook. 

    This class is not for students who cannot or are not willing to come to school activities after school.  School activities must be documented and your participation is mandatory as part of your grade.  Assignments given to students will be done while taking into consideration certain restrictions students might have, like rides to and from school, as well as prior commitments such as athletics and club participation. 

    This class is not for every student.  It is a good deal of hard work that takes someone who pays close attention to detail and can work independently. 

    Assistance and guidance will be given along the way to ensure your success. 


    Journalism II is ONLY open to students who successfully passed Journalism I and with the prior approval of the class advisor.  Your job will follow along the same lines of a Journalism I student, but because of your prior knowledge, you will also be required to take on more of a mentor role for your fellow classmates who are just starting in Journalism. 

    The same requirements and participation apply for Journalism II students are Journalism I.    


    Any behavior problems, or issues that arise throughout the semester can change your status in the class, so it is advised that you remain on your best behavior.  Assignments will be restricted for students who demonstrate a lack of professionalism while carrying out assignments which can reflect on your grade.  


    All students are required to sign an equipment contract regarding materials owned and used by NHS and the Journalism class.  Any intentional damage done will result in disciplinary actions being taken.  

    Contact Ms. Boyd for further questions.

  • Spring 2022-2023 Schedule

    1st Block - Journalism & Journalism 2

    2nd Block - World History Honors

    3rd Block - World History

    4th Block - Planning

  • World History and World History Honors:

         Both courses receive the same content.  Honors classes are intended to be a bit more intensive and rigorous in their application.  Students from both classes will be given the chance to explore many of the different cultures of the world around us and learn their histories.  Students are asked to think about "why do we study history, much less care about the histories of the different societies around us?"  During class, we attempt to address these questions.