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DJ Satterthwaite

Hello, my name is Donavon Satterthwaite (DJ), and I am a teacher assistant/college facilitator here at Northside High School. I am 32 years old, and I am also a Northside alumni C/O 09. I am a big sports fan; my favorite pro team is the Philadelphia Eagles. I really became a fan of the team due to my favorite football player at the time being Donovan Mcnabb. I am also a major fan of NBA 2K and Madden video games. I really love talking and helping kids in any way I can, whether it is me being honest about the wrong choices I made in my early childhood or giving opinions on certain things. If I talk to ten kids a day and only three take what I say and use it, I am OK with the odds. Well, that is about all I have other than to say GO NORTHSIDE!!!!!