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    The Air Force Junior ROTC North Carolina-948 unit was established at Northside High School in 1994 by agreement between the Beaufort County School District and the United States Air Force. From the very beginning, interested individuals within the school system and the community have been working hard to ensure a successful AFJROTC program.

    The Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI) and the Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI) are both retired Air Force personnel with over 50 years of combined Air Force experience. These instructors have an extensive background in leadership, management, and teaching.

    The students who enroll in Air Force Junior ROTC are referred to as Cadets. The entire group of cadets is referred to as a Squadron. The Cadet Squadron is owned, managed, and operated by Cadet Officers and Cadet Non-commissioned Officers. Using this cadet organization structure allows cadets to learn leadership skills through direct activities.

    Building and sustaining a successful program requires structure, rules, and regulations. The cadet handbook provides that structure for the cadets of the Northside High School AFJROTC unit. It was designed for the purpose of establishing a high standard of performance for our cadets, a standard to permit the entire cadet corps to aim high and work toward common goals of “Developing citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community” and achieving a “DISTINGUISHED UNIT” honor.

    The cadet guide contains policy, guidance, requirements, and rules of conduct for AFJROTC cadets. Each cadet will study this handbook and be held responsible for knowing its contents. The guide describes cadet operations, cadet rank and chain of command, job descriptions, procedures for promotions, awards, grooming standards, and uniform wear. It supplements AFJROTC and Air Force directives. This guide establishes the standards that ensure the entire Cadet Group works together towards common goals and will earn pride in unit achievements.

    We believe most cadets will voluntarily work for the betterment of the Squadron if they are aware of the goals and mission of the unit. You, as a Cadet, are responsible for obtaining a thorough understanding of the contents of this cadet guide. Only then can you maximize your experience and participation in the AFJROTC program and apply these standards to the benefit of yourself and NC-948. We wish each of you great success in your academic and JROTC endeavors.


    The purpose of this guide is to promote a better understanding of the individual cadet’s role and responsibilities in the NC-948 AFJROTC program. This document provides cadets with a better sense of what is expected of a student in the Air Force JROTC program by answering some of the most commonly asked questions. The cadets who follow these guidelines will greatly increase their opportunity for success. This guide will answer questions pertaining to: classroom rules, promotion merit and demerit system, military customs and courtesies, the Air Force Chain of Command, promotion eligibility, the Air Force Song and the Pledge of Allegiance. Each individual cadet in the NC-948 program is expected to know the mission of Air Force JROTC, the Chain of Command, the National Anthem, and the Pledge of Allegiance. By following the AFJROTC Mission and other rules in this handout, cadets will be successful individually and contribute to the success of NC-948.

    US AIR FORCE MISSION: The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and win…in air, space, and cyberspace.

    AFJROTC MISSION: The mission of AFJROTC is to “Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.”

    AFJROTC PURPOSE: The purpose of the AFJROTC program is to instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, & a sense of accomplishment.

    NC-948 AIR FORCE JROTC GOALS: (AY 2020-21)

    There are six primary NC-948 goals which are broken down into three categories: cadet, school and community. There are two in each category.

    1. Perform a minimum of eight campus cleanup or painting activities while maintaining social distancing

    2. Organize and execute a tribute for the Bataan Death March in April 2021

    3. Visit elementary and middle school schools with the intent of exposing students to the AFJROTC Program.

    4. Perform daily the Pledge of Allegiance for the entire Northside High School student body and faculty using the public address system.

    5. Perform at least four charitable, humanitarian or patriot activities within Beaufort County.

    6. Perform the Adopt-a-Highway cleanup in the Spring 2021.