School Improvement

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    Northeast School Improvement Team

         In accordance with NC School Law, Northeast Elementary School Improvement Team consists of members elected by the staff and parents.

         The primary responsibility of the team is to develop and implement a plan to improve student performance.

         The NES SIT meets each month to discuss topics related to student achievement, staff development, finances and parent involvement.

    2021 - 2022 SIT Elected Team Members

    Julianna Allen Parent Rep
    Chelsey Berry Technology Rep
    Kathy Brinn Electives Rep
    Tammy Caton 1st grade
    Anita Rayburn 6th grade 

     Autumn Wallace

    Fifth Grade

    Donna Cornelius

    EC Rep/SIT Chairperson

    Melanie Halsey

    6, 7, and 8 grade

    John Kattawar Assistant Principal
    Samantha Lewis 3rd grade
    Keyoshia Liverman Counselor
    Amber Noble 2nd grade
    Katherine Phillips ELA/MTSS Rep
    Brittany Quidley Parent Rep
    Paula Sherman Principal
    Kim Smith 3rd grade
    Nancy Stevens 2nd grade Assistant