School Counseling/Student Services

  • Southside High School's Counseling Program follows the American School Counselor Association's National Model. This data-driven model ensures that the academic, social/emotional and career/college readiness needs of all students in the school are being served. The four components of the model are the foundation, delivery, management and accountability. See the link below for the description of each.

    The school counseling program has a defined vision statement, mission statement, goals and annual calendar that aligns with the SHS's vision and mission. The school counselors hold advisory council meetings each semester and post a monthly public calendar. The school counselors serve all grade levels, but they divide the students by alphabet. By doing so, the school counselor is able to build a stronger relationship with students and work with them throughout their high school careers. 

    You can contact the school counselors by calling 252-940-1881.
    You can send a fax to 252-940-1888.  

    You can also email the school counselors (see below).

    You can also be kept up to date by following our department on Twitter: @ServicesShs . Posts are made regularly regarding FAFSA, scholarship opportunities, resume writing, announcements, etc. Students are encouraged to check their SHS email daily for updates about summer programs, scholarship deadlines, etc. 

    Vision Statement

    The vision of the Southside High School Student Services Program is for all students to graduate ready for post-secondary education and work;  and have the necessary skills needed in order to be successful in the 21st century. School counselors will continuously collaborate with stakeholders to meet all students’ academic, social/emotional, and career needs. Southside High School students will graduate fully prepared to be globally engaged and productive citizens that positively contribute to their community.

    Mission Statement

    The Student Services Department at SHS implements a comprehensive counseling program that meets the academic, social/emotional, and career needs of all students. Utilizing a partnership with teachers/administrators, parents, and a caring community, the school counseling department  will help all students be successful learners and achievers.